Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Photography and Psychology

I came across a very interesting article today about the relationship of photography and psychology. The article delves into the fundamental relationship between the photographer and the viewer, and establishes that a "successful" image is about communication.

The author, Ming Thein, describes the importance of this communication : "At its core, a successful image is about communication: it must tell the viewer the photographers' intended story, through an entirely and solely visual means of communication. Forget captions and titles, they inevitably get orphaned from their parent images, and thus an image must be strong enough to stand on its own and clear enough to tell the intended story without the support of text. Even more importantly, the visual portion has much more immediate impact than the text -- simply because text requires conscious processing; images don't." 

Thein explores the elements of a photo that make this communication with the viewer possible as well as what the different elements can do. 

I look forward to the second part of this article being released.

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