Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I thought the best place to start a blog about photography would be the camera.

I have owned and used an Olympus E-620 for a couple years now, but bought it with little knowledge of its specifics.

With research, I have gathered the following pros and cons about my camera:


  • built in anti-shake technology, every lens you attach is stabilized so there is no need to purchase more expensive glass with IS 
  • 4 frames per second at the best 12-megapixel resolution,  5 in RAW
  • 2.7 inch LCD screen, rated 230K pixels with the ability to rotate the screen in several different positions
  • 12.3MP camera, captures 4032x 3024 pixel files
  • 7 built in art filters
  • 7 point Twin Cross autofocus system

  • On screen menu system needs upgraded
  • Art filters can slow camera down 
  • Colors are not very accurate
  • no dedicated autofocus-assist lamp
  • focusing not crisp
  • limited lens options

Source: David Elrich, Digital Trends.