Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Photo Critique

This photo shows great detail. I like how the jumping fish leads the viewer into the shot from one direction. The viewer is brought from the fish to the bear and back to the water which falls off to the right making the photo interesting. The entire frame is in focus, while the water is stopped quite well.
Canon 5D 400mm f/5.6 ISO250 1/2000s Av Priority -1/3EV

I find the bright yellows in this photo to be very captivating. The log in the foreground connects the bright yellow leaves to the blurred water (created by the slow shutter speed). However, I find some of the darker trees and logs in the midground to be distracting.
Canon 5D 17mm f/22 ISO100 1.6s Av Priority -1/3EV

This photo appears to be a little unrealistic, but I appreciate its creativity. I think the use of black and white aided in this artistic approach. I like how there is a line of rock that lead the viewers eye away while the smooth water lines lead in the opposite direction.
Canon 5DII 17mm f/11 ISO200 1.3s Manual

This photo is so clear and perfect that it seems fake. The photographer was able to maintain the blue of the sky while also capture the brightness of the stars, and a very bright mountain in the foreground. Because the photographer was able to have the perfect exposure for each plane, I am curious to know if it a composite rather than an original, single image.
Canon 5DII 85mm f/1.8 10s ISO100 Manual

There is a lot a bright blue colors repeated throughout the photo. This helps the viewer travel throughout the frame and connect the planes within it.
Canon 1DIII 28mm f/13 ISO200 HDR 

The bird in this photo is in focus as is the twig it sits on. This makes for a very interesting picture however, I would like to see more variation in color in the background.
Canon 1DIV 840mm f/5.6 ISO400 1/800

The composition of this photo is very well done, however, I would prefer that the fish and bear's face were more in focus.
Because they are not, I am easily distracted by the rocks that are in focus.
Canon 7D 500mm f/4.5 ISO1600 1/320

The variations of color in this photo help distinguish the various planes. Also, because the light comes mainly from the left side of the frame, it creates a leading line to the moose. This is especially appealing because of the use of red.
Nikon D4 

I find it impressive that the photographer was able to capture the entire animal in such a tight frame and visually interesting pose. The face of the bird is in focus, as is a majority of the body. The water droplets help connect the planes, and the bright green in the background is appealing.
Canon 1DII 500mm f/8.0 1/500

This photo establishes a very good horizon line. Lines made by the ice connect the main polar bear in the foreground to the one in the background. Light blues and white are repeated throughout.
Nikon D2x 12mm f/6.3 ISO200 1/400   

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